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Metal sheet auto slotting and bending machine

Condition: New
Place of Origin: Zhengzhou, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: 
Model Number: X13ESW
Machine Type: Bending Machine
Raw Material: Sheet / Plate Rolling
Material / Metal Processed: Aluminum, Aliminum , brass, iron , stainless steel
Automation: Automatic
Extra Services: Cut To Length, Slotting & Notching
Certification: CE
system Rolling-typed continuous feeding device
Slotting System Plane cutter and alloy knife double cutters slotting system
Bending System Double blade alternate bending system
Suitable Material Stainless steel, Galvanized steel, Aluminum plate, Aluminium profile
Material Height 20~125mm
Material Thickness Stainless steel , Galvanized steel≤0.9mm 
Aluminium≤1.5mm Aluminium profile 1.0mm
Min. Bending Angle Stainless steel , Galvanized steel , Aluminium R6  Aluminium profile R8
Size Accuracy ±0.1mm
File Format dxf . plt.
Dimensions L2410mm x W800mm x H1470mm
Power AC220V、50Hz、2.4Kw
Air Supply 0.6m3/Min
Total Weight 420Kg
Main Features
1 Similarly adopt the manipulator typed feeding design, two groups fixture which are set respectively before and after the encoder to clamp the material for progressive work.
2 compared with the circular clamping feeding it can effectively reduce the material waste during using the plate material.
3 Serco drive + high quality ball screw and linear guide configuration makes the feeding smooth and steady. Effective control the material deformation
4 The closed loop control of the length encoder and system makes the products perfect match with the source file.
5 We use an intuitive operating plan and focus on production applications, besides the products have a lot of external control institution so that the products are simple, safe, accuracy and easy to use.
6 The 4-axis control system of feeding, slotting, slotting height and bending has improved processing simple, fast and stability.
7 because of the full range of products and a variety of flexible application of the products provided service, make sure you take time for future production needs.

Application Industry
Advertising industry, such as logos, signs, neon signs, billboards, light boxes production, outdoor advertising and other advertising production.

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