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How to Use

A:How to use the laser engraving machine.
1,Why the rotary just keeps running and couldn't stop of model 640A&B  laser machine?

when you plug the rotary it just keep running,then please pull the X axis to hit the sensor switch at the end of Y axis,when the X axis hit the sensor switch rotary will stop running, but when you engrave a cylinder,it will stop when work finish.

2,Why the tube has 2 beams when working?

Please check the water and whether the laser power is too low,try to change clean water and improve the laser power to check whether there is still 2 beams

3,How to tell whther my tube is broken,why it doesn't fire?

1.If your laser machine use CW-3000/5000 industry chiller.please cehck whether this chiller works well ,if chiller doesn't work well,please try to make it short-circuited to see whether the laser tube fire again.
2.Open the laser power and press "TEST",if tube fires.your tube works well.if no fire comes out and there is Ignition sound,means yout tube is broken.sorry then,need to change a new one,haha

4,What power and speed should i use to engrave and cut rubber stamp by stamp laser machine?

For stamp laser machine or our  mini 3040 laser machine  to engrave and cut rubber stamp,speed should be  140-150mm/s,power 0.5A . no need to adjust the power again when you want to cut,just slow the speed to 8-10mm/s

5,If your laser machine with lasercut3.3(or 5.3) software but you prefer ACD /CDR software to design,please save the file in PLT format then lead into lasercut software.

6,How to install laser machine and how software coreldraw works?

Please refer to video :

 B:How to use the Acrylic bender and metale bender for 3D channel letters making?

Please refer to the videos first to get basic understanding how our bender works.
Videos: http://youtu.be/EIr5lo7w8hE

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